Denise Geneva Roberts

I LOVE the lens and I LOVE to shoot! As a young girl when my father gave me my first camera, I tapped into a feeling most passionate and a talent so raw. I have been shooting ever since. My love of the lens is as alive today as it ever was back then.

Commercial projects, portraits, weddings, special and corporate events--Yes.

In my heart, I am an ever curious photographic entrepreneur, dedicated to discovering and capturing slices of true identity. I shoot the truth, because the camera never lies.

My work includes client, exhibition and editorial pieces. Design, places,, art, history—bringing these moments in time together in one frame is my specialty.

I don't seek a large volume of photography jobs; rather, I provide my undivided attention to each client, which allows me to provide consultation as needed, fully research each project, and deliver images very quickly. Further, I am in continuous improvement mode, all the time. I study, practice, and challenge myself. I have goals, and am motivated by my own desire for excellence.

My ultimate goal is to meet the needs and expectations of each client. Because each assignment is unique, meeting with you at your convenience allows me to listen to what you want. It also gives you a picture of my versatility and how we can work together to accomplish the desired outcome of your final product.

D.Geneva Photography is a full service photography studio, a certified MBE and DBE business with Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, WMATA, WSSC, and a certified Prince George's County-Based Business. We specialize in commercial, private and special events photography, with over 15 years experience in commercial, photojournalistic and freelance photography. Our photographs have been featured in numerous publications and marketing materials including corporate brochures, ads and annual reports.

We are established, we know the business, and we boast a stellar collection of allies in a broad range of specialties. We have assisted clients from all over in achieving their business objectives through our unique approach and thorough process. We are committed to working with you and your team to accomplish your project and create the images that will professionally represent you and your company.